Hard Times – 2017

Since the election of November 2016, and the subsequent grief and loss felt by the whole nation because of the loss of faith and hope in ‘American’ ideals, there has been prevalent feeling of despair and darkness hanging since then. Most people, I mean working class people like myself who have an ounce of goodness in their their hearts and are not racist, are anticipating hard times following the introduction of the new president to the White House.

I want to remind people that although this may be an unraveling of all the rights guaranteed to us for the last eight years, it does not mean there is no hope. Just remember that the human race has survived many tyrants, idiots, stupid people, the divine punishment on Noah’s people when they were basically wiped out by the Flood, and many, many other catastrophes brought on by nature (anger of God) directly caused by the actions of people, and also just the basic evil action caused by evil people to the general population.

If Allah wanted to wipe out or punish a few ignorant tyrants or despicable people among us, He could have already done so. Obviously, there is some kind of teaching lesson in this for people to never be complacent and think that the ‘good’ times are going to last indefinitely, because no one, not even the tyrants or evil people truly know whats going to happen from day to day. Maybe this is even a fail-safe for people actions, that people, regardless of gender, religion, inherent goodness or evil, or any other distinguishing characteristic, never know how their actions may effect other, or even the unintended reactions within nature or people. There may be good things that come after the evil result of some people’s actions, I’m trying to think of a few examples to support my thesis and nothing is coming.

But regardless, this is a time not to grieve because of what has happened, but to grow, strengthen your resolve, learn a hobby, go back to school or read copiously to gain beneficial knowledge that will help change one for the better, develop your character, evolve to higher levels, give charity, start a facebook group, paint, to commune with nature, to travel to other places and remove oneself from the tyrannical person or people, perhaps even learn a new language and meet new people while traveling.

There is always hope. So long as God (Allah) remains on the Throne of heaven and earth, there will always be one powerful being in charge of the universe, no matter what the arrogant pharaoh type leaders (who may be drowned by his own actions and disbelief), or the ignorant masses may believe. This is the truth, the is no god but Allah and He alone is worthy of worshipping.

Try to remember this and maybe we can all survive the next eight years and the time won’t be so long and so dark for anyone.



Limitless Blessings

Limitless blessings. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? This is what the remembrance of Allah has come to mean to me. Blessing that never leave, lasting eternally as far as the eye can see. Blessings not dependent on other people, but something that one can do anywhere at anytime without any fear. SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar and all other phrases directly and immediately connect the reciter with Allah, the Kind and Mighty Creator of EVERYTHING!  Words that serve to strengthen and protect one from the evil that exists in the world, and evil that would rather remain unseen and forgotten so that it can have the most advantage in hurting and attacking humanity.

Truly ignorance in this case is not bliss. Because of the nature of human beings, we are a creation that needs to be constantly reminded and in contact with that higher being called Allah. We get distracted and forgetful. We are weak. We are needy. But with the Zikr of Allah, one person can become strong and remember those important things that need to be remembered. Like the yin yang symbol, humans have within them darkness and light, seen (physical body) and unseen (the soul) and carry the potential for greatness and failure. We can ascend heights unimaginable or fall to the depths below; it’s our choice.

But human beings are not alone in this battle to be whole. Allah has provided guidance in the form of written and spoken words, Special Words with great power and sublimity that lead us straight to the One who answers our needs, fulfills promises, and will never forsake us so long as we never forsake His remembrance and keep Him highest in the heart.  La ilaha ill Allah! SubhanAllahu and Allahuakbar forever! These blessings are greater in worth than the earth and all it contains and heavier that the heaviest thing we can imagine.  It is this that I love more in life, that connection to Allah through His words, and by this I do achieve the peace that I crave.